New to South School

Welcome to South School!

Welcome to South! We are thrilled to have you here and want to help make the transition to a new school as easy as possible for both you and your child. This year we have a new committee in place to help do just that- our “New to South Ambassadors”. These are moms just like you whether they have incoming Kindergarteners, or have older children at South and know their way around. We are here to help with anything you need. In September, you may need a head’s up on things like…..

  • What are the big school events to put on our family calendar?
  • How do I use Dismissal Manager?
  • Where does my child’s lunch card go every day?
  • How do I know the specials schedule?
  • How can I get involved at South?

We will be planning social events for kids, families and parents that will give you a chance to meet other parents and kids outside of school so be on the look out for events such as:

  • Summer Playground playdates
  • Ice cream social with your child’s class
  • Back to school coffee
  • Fall Parent Social


There are many questions you will have. The New to South Ambassadors are here to build a strong community for your whole family. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of them

Lauren Nussbaum – New to South Ambassador Chair

New to South/Kindergarten Transition


Jennifer Dynan – New to South Ambassador Chair

New to South/Kindergarten Transition


Tara Hickey – Kindergarten Ambassador


Jaquelyn Frawley – First Grade Ambassador


Sarah O'Keefe – Second Grade Ambassador


Anne Schimmeck – Third Grade Ambassador


Anne Wagner – Fourth Grade Ambassador