South School PTC

A note from Melissa & Kristen

Spring is here and we couldn’t be happier so see the snow melt away!

South School has a lot of wonderful events coming up – we hope to see you at a few.

4/25 – Parent Education Series: Learn how to take professional-quality photos with your smart phone
4/28 – Art Show: Come see your future Picasso’s artwork on display
4/30 – Take Me out to the Ball Game: Yankees vs. Orioles. Tickets still available!
5/1 – 5/5 – Staff Appreciation Week: It’s time to thank our teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication to South School.

5/5 – Variety Show: South School’s finest talent on display

Finally we’ve made a small change to the Star this week. All new items and news have been moved to a special section called “New Business”.  This way the latest additions to the newsletter can be found easily and quickly!  Please continue to let us know any feedback on the Star at

We hope everyone has a safe and fun April Break. Summer will be here before you know it!

Melissa & Kristen

Special Thanks to….
Kari Shoemaker and all the volunteers who made Kindergarten Orientation a fun and exciting week!
Katie Harris for organizing the very well attended lecture on sibling rivalry by Bunny Potts.

Upcoming School Events

News from the PTC

What You Need to Know

PTC 2016 – 2017 Calendar of Events

The South School PTC organizes and coordinates a wide array of school programs, social events and much more for the student and parent community. We would love to see you at an upcoming occasion soon!

Ten Reasons To Get Involved At South

1. Volunteering makes a big difference. Research consistently shows that kids whose parents are involved in their schools do better.

2. It’s fun! Even simple events like Walk to School Day or Game Night are a great way to spend time with your family and support your school.

3. It feels great to participate! Your child spends a lot of time at school, and it’s great to share some of her school-related experiences with her.

4. You’ll get to know other parents. It’s powerful to create a circle of adult friends around a school, and help foster connections between families in your community.

5. Volunteering offers tangible ways to be part of things. Joining a parent group will provide concrete ways to get involved, whether at events, in the classroom, or on a committee.

6. It’s a manageable commitment. Spend an hour at Bingo night or Book Fair, and your efforts will be appreciated. And remember, it’s always OK to say no when you’re busy.

7. You can tailor volunteering to play to your strengths. There are many ways to contribute, some of which are sure to complement your strengths, interests, or professional skills.

8. Your help is always needed. Whether it’s helping run the next big event or providing support in the classroom, there are always ways to pitch in.

9. Volunteering provides another way to get to know school and support staff to better understand their needs and ideas.

10. Have a great idea? Volunteering gives you opportunities to get your ideas out there.

Shop for South

Who wouldn’t shop on Amazon or order their holiday cards on Shutterfly if they knew it would help support South? Who doesn’t shop at Walter Stewart’s and Stop & Shop? Now you can shop for products that you use and love, while supporting the South School PTC. Think of it as GUILT-FREE shopping and couldn’t be any easier! Spread the word to your friends and families and their purchases can benefit our school too!

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South School PTC, New Canaan, Box Tops, Support South

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South School PTC, New Canaan, Walter Stewart's, Support South

South School PTC, New Canaan, Stop & Shop, Support South